Yes. Ranked Choice Voting is different from the way we are used to voting in Indiana, and it will take some time educating voters in how to use this method.  However, once the basic principles are grasped, it is a very intuitive approach to voting.  In addition, once the process is used a few times, voters will appreciate the advantages of RCV. 

Many elections around the country already use RCV, and numerous studies have been conducted on voter support and understanding of RCV.  For example, Maine used RCV for the first time for statewide elections in 2018. An exit poll after their November 2018 general election showed 60.9% of respondents in favor of keeping or expanding use of RCV.   In Santa Fe, New Mexico, 94% voters reported feeling “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with their first use of RCV in 2018, as reported in an 2018 exit poll by FairVote New Mexico.  In Minneapolis, 92% of respondents said they find voting with RCV “simple.”  For more information on these, and many other studies, see the FairVote website.