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Intro to RCV

Big Wins for Ranked Choice Voting in November

Even more wins nationwide!

  • A record 32 cities successfully used RCV on Election Day, across seven states (UT, DE, MA, ME, MI, MN, and NM). 
  • RCV was successfully used in elections in the largest cities in Utah, Maine, and Minnesota. 
  • All three ballot measures to adopt RCV elections passed: Broomfield, CO; Westbrook, ME; and Ann Arbor, MI. Voters have now approved 13 straight ballot measures to adopt RCV in cities. Earlier in 2021, Austin, TX and Burlington, VT voters approved ballot measures to adopt RCV. 
  • New York City’s first-ever RCV primaries in June led to general election wins and their most diverse government ever.
  • For lack of RCV: High-profile mayoral races in Boston and Atlanta have gone to expensive runoffs or second-round elections this year.

1/23 RCV Day sponsored by Fairvote

RCV Demo - Try it out!